I ran in the rain. On purpose!

This is my second week of marathon training.  I woke up at 5am today, ate a light breakfast consisting of a strawberry flavored Honey Stinger Waffle and a large glass of water.  I put my running clothes on and cued my mp3 player to Rage Against the Machine.  The plan was to get 5 miles in before the Olathe Running Club met at 7am and run 5 more with the club.  I get my keys to drive to Olathe in my hand, open the front door, and RAIN!  It was just sprinkling so I grabbed a water bottle in each hand and went down to the Indian Creek Trail instead.  I had my KC Track Club Hat on to keep the rain out of my eyes.  I would recommend getting a lightweight running hat for these conditions.  It can also keep the sun out of your eyes on a nice day but it’s extremely useful to cover up ”bed head” as well for those early morning workouts!  The weather was 75 degrees and a little bit of precipitation wasn’t stopping me.  The Garmin locked in on my location and away I went.  After a mile my shoes and socks were wet but I wasn’t stopping. The cool rain kept my temperature down and I was energized to get my 10 miles in!  It was serene being the only one on the trail and it motivated me to keep running.  After a few miles I wondered if my shoes were going to be ruined but I wasn’t going to stop.  I figured I would research about the possible damage to my Brooks Ghost 8 shoes for neutral runners when I was done.  I made my 11 mile run (went the extra mile), arrived home and stripped off my running shirt and everything I had on.  The articles on Runner’s World said to take out the insoles of my shoes and place everything in front of a fan.  One suggestion was to fill the shoes with newspaper to absorb more moisture. My shoes spent all day drying and I will wear my Brooks tomorrow for an easy 3-4 mile recovery run.  We will find out if the shoes lost any spring.  The other blogs claimed the water doesn’t damage shoes but water with mud up to your ankles could.  I stayed pretty clean just wet.  The run was invigorating and a little bit of rain can’t stop me. aarunrun!
-Andrew Albertson Rain Runner


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