Twin Cities Marathon

Welcome to AA Run Run!  This blog will be an informational compilation informing new or seasoned runners how to train, prepare, gain knowledge, get inspiration and ultimately how to remain injury free.  I have a degree in Sport Science from the University of Kansas and have been an athlete all my life.  I recently began to run with a purpose in 2015 and have completed 3 half marathons thus far.  My goal is to train and complete my 1st marathon Oct 9th 2016 in Minneapolis, MN.  I have already signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon.  If you aspire to run your 1st marathon or even enter your 100th race, join me for a top 10 bucket list marathon.  If you use Garmin Connect, Strava, or MyFitnessPal add me so we can motivate each other!   Send me an e-mail!  If you are local join the  Olathe Running Club.  Any questions or comments are welcomed.  My next blog will begin to lay a foundation of how to enter and excel at this life changing sport…gotta run!

-Andrew Albertson “Double A”

Garmin Connect : drewalb6

Strava : 14396965

Olathe Running Club



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